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We are a family run business manufacturing animal feeds of the highest standard from our factory in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

About Stephenson’s

Stephensons’ Animal Feeds started trading in 1983 as a family owned business merchanting animal feedstuffs primarily for local farmers, smallholders and horse-keepers.


Within a short period of time, we began milling and mixing feed in the old part of canteen mill. Initially this was limited to coarse rations and straights and subsequently, pelleted feed.


In 1995 the premises were extended on to the Canteen Mill Industrial Estate. This enabled us to extend the plant into the new extension, increase pelleting capacity and install a weighbridge together with bulk outloading facilities. A small customer shop selling animal husbandry products, hardware and pet accessories also formed part of the new extension.


The retail side of the business was extended in 2010 with the opening of a new building at Robinwood Mill. All bagged feeds whether own manufactured or bought are now stored and distributed from Robinwood and the large retail shop now being known as Robinwood Country Store.


Canteen Mill remains as the production site and sales for bulk and bulk bags.

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