Manufacturing Process & Machinery

Raw Material Storage

4 x 40 tonne ; 2 x 30 tonne; 3 x 25 tonne Steel Silos : 6 x 20 tonne Fabric silos : 2 Tote bag dischargers.

All Bins discharging into one of two 1 Tonne load cell mounted hopper weighers controlled by computer batching.

Grain Crushing and Coarse Ration

Booth 16″x 20″ Hydraulically tensioned Grain Crusher; Alvan Blanch M150 2 tonne inclined mixer.

Maize Splitting and Mixed Corn Plant

2 x Henry Simon Diamond Maize Cutters, Locker rotex screen (removing maize fines)

Westrup SAB 800 Grain Cleaner; Reffold 2 tonne vertical mixer.

Grinding and Meal Mixing

Christy and Norris X15 Gravity Discharge Hammer Mill with Micropulse reverse jet filter

Richard Sizer 2 tonne 3 tier ribbon bladed horizontal mixer


RK Machines INOVO 42-14 pellet mill (3.2mm Die); RK Machines INOVO 42-14 pellet mill (6mm Die)

Sizer Orbit 175 pellet mill (12mm Die). Simon pellet cooler; Turner 6×4 two deck pellet screen.

Finished Product Storage

2 x 5 tonne; 3 x 10 tonne; 1 x 20 tonne pre packing and tote bagging silos.

5 x 4.5 tonne outloading silos (over weighbridge).


Howe Richardson H17 weigher with Read Medway sticher and track on coarse ration line.

Richard Simon load cell belt fed weigher with pacepacker bag closing line on all other products.

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