Manufactured Feeds

Cattle Feeds

We manufacture a large range of Cattle Feeds including a selection of pellets, mixtures, nuts and special dairy feeds. We have the perfect feed for your cattle and its purpose. All of our feeds are high quality and we can supply your cattle with the correct feeds from calf to adult.

Sheep Feeds

We provide the highest quality of feeds for all lambs, ewes and tups. With a wide range of choices to suit your preference we manufacture nuts/rolls, mixtures and pellets to ensure your animals receive the vitamins and nutrients they need.

Poultry Feeds

Our Poultry Feeds are a highly palatable feed for poultry specially formulated to meet the need for a general, all-purpose diet which can be fed to flocks of mixed ages under any management system. Our feeds are well balanced feeds designed for poultry being raised more naturally such as those kept in free range.

Pig Feeds

We provide a full range of Pig Feeds for both the smallholder pig keeper and the larger commercial keepers. We ensure that we include the necessary ingredients to provide a well balanced diet for your animals. With a large choice of different options we will manufacture the feed you’re looking for.

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